• Daniel Mead

New Destinations, New Blog

I have officially lost count of how many different blogs that I have started only to shortly abandon. This one will probably end up on that list. I will, however, give it another go. To quote Simon Miller, "Why? Here's why."

Later this year I have two pretty big trips planned. One is tentatively set for late October - early Novemberish. It will finally put me on the European mainland as I head for Romania on a work trip. I am super excited for it as it will be the first time I will properly visit a country that doesn't include English as an official language. I have started a Duolingo course in Romanian so that I can hopefully somewhat read signs and menus.

For New Year's I will be in Dallas for the NHL Winter Classic game between the Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars at the Cotton Bowl. I will get to add two states to my traveled to list (Arkansas and Texas) as we will be driving and not flying. This will be the furthest west I have ever been in the US. Currently that is Oxford, MS, unless you count an airport layover, then it becomes Minneapolis, MN.

I intend on using this iteration of as a travel diary and occasional rant blog. Who knows? This could very well be the only ever post that I make to this blog.