• Daniel Mead

I'm Going To My First Soccer Game

Like many other sport loving Americans I never really got in to soccer. It was a game that I just never grew up around. Last year I decided to give it ago and start following the sport. My decision to do so stemmed from three factors.

1. My trips to Glastonbury have gained me many British friends. Through out the year I get exposed to their posts about the Premier League on Facebook. That led me to understand a bit more about the sport that I had in the past.

2. Atlanta United FC became an MLS franchise in 2017. Having a "local" team to pull for certainly helps. Sure Atlanta is a few hours away, but it still means that I get to see all of their games on TV and it is very much possible for me to go to some home games.

3. Even though the US didn't qualify, the World Cup did draw me in. It was fun seeing the runs that England and Croatia put together. I will certainly be watching and pulling for the US National Team in the upcoming Women's World Cup.

So I started by following Atlanta United at the start of their 2018 campaign. It was a good year to do so as they won the MLS Cup. I also decided to follow the Premier League. My team of choice is Chelsea. I chose them purely because I have visited London a few times and have walked by their stadium on a few occasions. I also considered Everton because they are actually the closest team to me geographically. So they would be my "local".

A year and a half later I will be going to my first match. Atlanta United will host the LA Galaxy in August and I have tickets. AUFC will be opening up the entire stadium so the upper level tickets were pretty cheap and I grabbed one up. From watching them on TV, the atmosphere looks absolutely insane. Certainly one of the best environments in North American sports.

I'm super excited and will certainly be making a post about the experience assuming that I haven't let this blog die of before then.